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Snibbler contest (taum related)

Thu Jun 22, 2017, 3:38 PM

Snibblers: Perfect pet for taums! by Happy-sorry


Draw your snibbler duked out on the fanciest pillow and setting like a cat show! 

(you can put recipe in information below  artwork if edible or in pan shaped 'pillow' or baking ware.)

Now i know what your thinking, is this a cooking contest or a cat show, its a bit of both. 

What do you win? 
Bragging rights of the fanciest most delectable snibbler!
A certificate for your snibbler babu
A dye of your color choice
A painting of their snibbler

2 weeks to complete form 6/22 

What you must have completed to join. 
A picture of your taum with your snibbler, 
remember to read the snibbler guide! from the link above! 

Taum Discord Schedule

Sun Jun 18, 2017, 10:49 AM

Game Days: 
Sunday - after 11:00 AM Arizona MST 
Tuesday - Random time  

Movie Day: 
Thursday - 4:00 PM Arizona MST 

Stream day:
Will announce - random
I will ask for 3 others to stream with me
can be any taum den member! 

Need link to taum discord just ask! .//w. You don't have to have a taum to join in! 

For you

Fri Jun 16, 2017, 7:49 AM

Something for all of you .//w. 

Looking for trade fodder cs adopts

Mon Jun 12, 2017, 5:20 AM

Any pop cs, grem2 ect, chitter, birdfolk whatever! I'll take it out of the market and give it a forever home. It been trade 5 bajillion times? Just can't connect?? Well then i'll trade ya some fine art illustration of ya character (half or ful depending on what it is!) 

so you got the fodder? I'll take it and give it a fresh start. It will never be traded, never sold, and never discarded. 

Winner chosen for myo mini contest!

Fri Jun 9, 2017, 6:28 PM

Untitled by Leaky-Faucets

COngrats i ketp on giggling at this one i'm sorry. 

Taum Mama Challenge: Internet meme [2/2] by vikyy01

Hni 0059 by vikyy01



SO YEAH UHH Link below your memes… ! and uhh this ends Mon12th midnight. 

The funniest one wins! (also if you win this, and your doing the casual challenge it bumps you up to hardcore challenge : I UNFORTUNATE SOUL) 

I need to get better

Fri Jun 9, 2017, 12:54 AM

There is still so much I need to learn and so much I can do to improve myslef and my art. I have some weaknesses I need to work through and get better with. I got a lot of practicing, studying, and learning to do. If you ever have anything you think will help me grow or make me that much better just give me a poke or a link! 

to do list at the moment: owed art
-taum painting for Ab2
-taum baby/painting of magician taum
-headshot for fa
-repaints for trade
-repaint of recent addition taums (5? For self)

To do list taum den:
- nice points
- tally adventure prompt
- virgos salon dyes
- fix up taum den group page for easier info
- dnd taum fun with discord group
- taum mama challenge user name updates

to do list: personal projects
-book 30/100 pages
-portfolio -find 20 themes-
-research more on magic the gathering. 

Uh on side note, I'm learning how different groups run and stuff and how the community is in each and boy. Learning a lot on which are pretty friendly and which ones not so much xd. Shout out to vernids, nebnoms, teradin, and taum den for being like top notch welcoming! Will give you more updates on which discords to try out next! 

bringbackfairprices - Group

Wed Jun 7, 2017, 9:49 PM

:iconbringbackfairprices: :iconbringbackfairprices: :iconbringbackfairprices: 

You ever wonder if your pricing too cheap or things not selling and stuff. This is a brand new group that just invited me. Reading through, I feel honestly this will be the kind of group that will help you guys out and thing when trying to sell commissions and your artwork. 

Theres even a discord for chat! 

Adopts by other peeps!

Tue Jun 6, 2017, 6:05 PM


Rikari flatesales (CLOSED) by LordMarlon

UHhhh if you have other adopts open yourselves go link below too! 

Blue Tree Eating Dragon Prompt End!

Mon Jun 5, 2017, 10:15 PM

Taum owner: Izisio [closed] by H-appysorry
As each taum began to distract the dragon, this taum gathered its concoctions and spells. With time a magic circle was created and it chanted, the roar of flames and mutters of chants, the flames dissapeared in a bright light along with the dragon. 

The dragon had vanished, or.. so it seeemed. In the middle of the wreckage was a Taum, that.. strangely held the same marks as the dragon. All the taums stopped ot stare as it looked confused itself. What Exactly happened? 

Well it seems the alchemist has changed the blue dragon..into a taum! 

WHICH ONE OF YOU GUYS CAN WIN AS A CUSTAUM WITH THE DRAGON THEME!! You guys get to pick its shape and form, but it generally will look like the dragon!! 


I shall be tallying up your guys's points!

Prompt prizes: 
Blue tree eating dragon themed taum design [Just 1]
Dyes Blue, Red, white, and green [1 dye per 1 winner]
Everyone will receive a cute little badge to have that says you participated
1 Permanent marker for colors [just 1] 

Once tallied I will go ahead and raffle away the winners items! 

Thank you for joining and I hope you had fun! 

Alchemist taum since it was chosen shall be auctioned! 
Alchemist now belongs to :iconizisio: 

Winners by H-appysorry

1. TheRamblingRabbit  You have won a blue tree eating custaum! please note me with details of the taum you'd like!! 
2. Adallie You have won a Blue Dye
3. JaysConfused You have won a Red Dye 
4. RaveM0nster you have won a White Dye
5. HangedFlag you have won a Green Dye 
6. Vespisia you have won 1 Permanent marker! 

moar pairings/friends for taums?

Fri May 12, 2017, 3:00 PM

i got a lot of taums X//d 

want to be paired up with any of them?…

My main one is with hippiefoxx 
Deidre - badC4T -hangs with NinGeko and Vespisia bellpup taums 
Scoria - Toto - catbvt

I'd prefer it to be taums .//w. it just makes it all the easier honestly 

May and June Month Prompts!

Wed May 10, 2017, 4:19 PM

5 By Royalrockets-db01hmh by H-appysorryand  6 By Royalrockets-db01hkk by H-appysorry
May: Spring Fun! ----------- June: Beach time!

May: Spring is here the weather is great and everything is just bright and shiney! What's your taum doing on this great day?

June: It's super hot, which means its time for the beach! 

Earn all 12 badges and get a wonderful prize at the end! [still sorting out what that should be]
Earn 6 badges and you will get a wild card of any of the taums you currently own at the highest tier.

Anyways how do prompts work?
1. I will go ahead and post a journal about the prompt! 
2. You use a taum you currently own to complete the prompt! 
3. Complete an illustration of the prompt then link:

4. Once complete link below and I will create a journal at the end of the month (for these two end of april 30th) of all who participated!
5. I will be keeping track for all of us that way it can be all organized! 


To qualify for a badge the image must include these 4 things: 
1. Background
2. Taum 
3. Fully colored illustration/completed artwork
4. Theme Try to portray the theme but you can be very creative on what it means for your taum!

Comics do qualify but they must be either inked or cleaned up 
No sketches or floating non background allowed.

If traditional, please clean up image and make sure it is to your highest standards of art! 

thank you! if you got any questions or concerns please respond to the designated question area! 

Also These two prompts will be put together, so all these two will end June 31st!

this is a taum only event! 


check out her art sometime they are wonderful! 

They still need a bit!

Sun May 7, 2017, 9:39 AM

Jollyraptor coins!

Tue May 2, 2017, 9:09 AM

I wanna give it a try, let me try 5 jollyraptors to art, its not first come first serve and i'll pick and choose whoever. 

coins earned: 

just uhh comment below/

Please help this kitty [update]

Sun Apr 30, 2017, 9:50 AM

Help us help. [STREAM]This is Jerome

A taxi guy drove over him with premeditation, but the poor thing didn't die and is in a terrible shape
Bluari and I decided to raise money via commissions and adoptables for this little survivior.
You can also directly donate [here]
watch us work to help this kitty
Bluari's Commission pricelist 
Example of Our collaboration
Tw animal cruelty 

but please dp help them out, there is a gofundme to help the kitty out and they are doing streaming/ adopts…  

They reached the goal!! kitties vet bills will be taken care off!! -sighs happily-  i hope the kitty will feel better soon 

JR customs

Fri Apr 28, 2017, 6:30 PM

Thank you guys, and personal update!

Fri Apr 28, 2017, 3:22 AM

Hey guys! I uhh really wanted to thank you guys for watching, interacting, commenting, and all the support you guys been showing all this time to me. I..i honestly appreciate it all. 

I know things been rough around the edges, and I'm sorry if you've gotten caught  due to issues. I've been working constantly on finding out ways to prevent, and keep ya all safe and have a good environment. Somewhere fun.

Ive done my best to make taum available to those who can't afford it, and given those who want to have a second chance get one for free too. I've been working on art prompts and fun for you guys to enjoy your taums with. Chances to change the design to what you wish, even color dying. 

Even now im thinking of nee comics to make to help with selling and trading then also generic rules for taums. 

if you're wondering about the taum book, I'm working on it still. A book is a lot harder than I imagined and I can't wing it like i do with my art. I get stuck and lost cause i want to make sure I'm making something that will just make me so proud and honored to show off and share with you. 

Writing tidbits, art..and more. I'm sorry for the delay though. I honestly thought i would have been done by now. i have failed in that aspect but I will continue! 

In a more personal situation. I have quit my job. I no longer work for the bank, and i currently stay home working on my art. I...learned a lot of things. And atm nikki makes just enough to cover both of us. But money will be very tight. hippiefoxx she...she was the one who encouraged me to qui and continue with my art. And i am so grateful to her. So grateful..she is beyond amazing. She means the world to me. 

So with that i hope you dont mind me as i work on my art.

My commissions will be open, and if you see any of my work you want thats not in my proces you can always note me. 

I also want to apologize, i...i had put a birthday wish thing for taums and I was having fun giving you guys birthday wishes with month of core. Im..umable to do that anymore and i feel bad for that. I'm sorry...

I feel silly trying to run all these things for you guys, and i end up jumbling it up. 

I personally have noticed that there is a decline in the market for taums so taum auctions are now going to be severly limited. 

They are atm my main source of income but, I personally don't like flooding you guys. These auctions will be a taum squad effort with one theme for us to create just 1 each at the best of our ability . So please enjoy this new format!

In the outside world, im learning karate! My parents decided to gift me classes since they couldnt afford it when i was a x//d i get to learn! I will be doing mini comics of that. 

Thanks again guys..for all the support and fun, and I hope i can continue to create fun stuff for you guys to do! 

Hey I .. I just a got trade of the taum journal for a baby event taum, one of @/cygnean

and.. I just got word that. apprently they lost all their files of the original taums..and.. if thats true, That anyone has from them, shouldn't have been traded.. or sold.

Without the original image, may  it be an event taum or a normal taum, this goes for all taum members. the only time you can get pass this is if you go by the redesign rules.

its null. it's dishonest if you dont.

Just know if you have one and you dont have the original image.. you can't sell or trade.

Tagging Cercus cause you are also selling a baby taum please try to get the original file!

I'm sorry for anyone who got caught with that. and i apologize in their behalf.

I will no longer be trading custaums nor myos. Both items are now locked! 

Custaums can either be purchased from my auctions or bought at their mormal pricing. Or won by completing challenges. Myos have sales at times but right as of now are currently closed. 

Reason why? Previously, i never did trades for custaums before! So going back to that! Side news gunna put up adventure prompt tomorrow along with some other taum related stuff. 

Thanks guys!! 

Thank you

Sat Apr 22, 2017, 6:16 PM


Thank you :iconadallie: and :iconcptnerditude: For the good laugh XDDD!! 

Art Exposure Meme

Tue Apr 11, 2017, 12:58 PM

Meme rules: feature 10 people.
If you are featured in this journal, you have to (if you want to) submit a journal like this one and do the same thing, putting the person who tagged you in the first spot. 
The idea here is not to get a free feature, but to spread art around for everyone.

I've got tagged by wyum
aahh X//d <3 

1. :iconwyum:
dance with me by wyumChallenge: Anime Style by wyum
the cold call by wyum

I absolutely your works, from the need of dark and creepy, to your other very detailed works, youre anatomy is top notch!! and I hope to lean how to keep on detailing work as much as you do! (i mean if you really upclose on the fur and texture works of wyum, you can see every stroke has a purpose) 

2. :icongawki:
merry christmasssss! by gawki
morla by gawkispacey by gawki
Your linework and painting, use of colors and lighting...I love it so much, i can't even describe why i am so attracted to your works, maybe a sort've gloom that feels seeing an old memories. Maybe is the big eyes. X//d 

3. :iconcindywork:

Turn off the lights! by CindyWorks
Fancy white tiger by CindyWorksFire Dragon by CindyWorks

Probably one of my favorite lighting artists, the volume and the just.. ability to create something that you could probably reach out and squish with your hand is ... probably one of the most inspirational things for me. When I see this work I know i have much more to learn. 

3. :iconfoxspitt: 
And Then (The Last Unicorn) by foxspitt
Lamb's Teeth page 5 by foxspitt
Red Flower by foxspitt

One of my most favorite traditional artists, I fell in love with their comic and i forever am in love with their dark works, 10/10 i do suggest a follow! 

4. :iconthe-muddy: 
Mushis by the-muddy
environment doodles by the-muddycervitaur cutie by the-muddy

I followed them after i saw the centaur it was the curest little centaur i've ever seen! its golden horns, its beautiful legs! I adore their paintings and environments the most!

5. :iconpav327: 

Faint Slumber 11 by pav327
Monster Eating Vampire Close-up 2 by pav327
Environment sketches 5 by pav327

Its self explanatory, the detailed work and the beautiful clothing and environments, probably one of my favs to look at for sure! 

6. :iconredjuice999: 

REDBOX by redjuice999supernova2 by redjuice999
QUMARION and CLIP STUDIO PAINT Demo by redjuice999

I LIKE ANIME OKAY!? and REDJUICE IS MY FAVORITE ONE OKAYY !? X//d i absolutely adore their work! sobbing 

7. :icongorrem: 
Cerberus by Gorrem
Dune - Fedaykin Death Commandos by GorremMohog by Gorrem

a concept artist that really has a beautiful grasp of creating life, I look up to this artists techniques. Some of the coolest creatures you'll see! 

8. :iconcantraomnes:
Everybody Knows by contraomnesSic Transit Gloria by contraomnes
Pink Project by contraomnes

Art goals, the backgrounds the details in every little part, but also a the lack of in just the right spots..I love it so much, they have a very different and one of kind style, that even when others get inspired and try to recreate you can always tell their works form the rest. 

9 :iconmr--jack:
Fairy Flow Process by Mr--Jack
Cave of Beasts by Mr--JackGolden Fishes by Mr--Jack

Mr--jack is probably my biggest inspirations for my works, he creates very helpful gifs of their process and .. i'm grateful for that. 

10. :iconcellar-fcp: 
odin sphere by cellar-fcpLuminae by cellar-fcp
two prostitutes by cellar-fcp

one of my favorite lady artists out there, they continue to be an inspiration for me .//w. I found them cause of Odin Sphere. 

Uhh X//d hope you guys enjoy the list of peeps that I really adore art wise!! I suggest giving them all a look through their galleries!